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Amber Austin

follow your bliss


JOI DE VIVRE - let's celebrate the joy of life!

THE GENERAL GIST: As a cultivated sensualist in my late 40's, my experience is that of a woman who fully understands the art of pleasure. I am fully confident as a woman who feels great about here body! It may come as a shock, but I also enjoy using my body (climbing trees, wild dance, walking tightropes). I am only half kidding! I am very physical and yes, I still do aerial yoga even after the 15 foot fall I suffered.* I'm all better now and more cautious. So knowing my history you can let go with me - and I will take you there. We won't fall. I've got you.


Whether it’s a passionate romantic evening, a delicious night on the town, a luncheon date with dessert or a short and sweet secret rendezvous I am the woman for you. When I am with you I promise that I will treat our time together as a date - then I will leave until we meet again. You will enjoy a perfect and hassle-free experience without any drama or-strings-attached. 


CONSIDER THIS AS YOU PERUSE MY SITE: the word SENSUALIST and all it encompasses describes my life long pursuit of exploring the art of love. I have literally traveled the word in search of it for my own pleasure and also to learn about this gracious art formally as I did with my Tantra Teacher Training. As a mature Leo woman of 48, my colorful experience is engrained and who I am. This is really me! No catfishes here. :-0 :-) I just want to share my own private JOY DE VIVRE with YOU! So let my favorite juicy adjective "SENSUALIST" sink in. Let your imagination go and whet your whistle while you virtually explore me all over - inside and out. Then when the fantasy is more than you can bear - book me for the most sensual experience of your life. 

sensualist: "one who is dedicated to the exploration of all things pleasurable to the senses - especially those that are sexually pleasing"

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