1. Please be well-groomed and try to be freshly showered. I will have fresh towels and toiletries available for your use should you need any of these items.


2. Immediately upon arrival please leave my gift on the dresser, table or within view. When meeting in public present the gift to me in a gift bag, small store shopping bag, or in a greeting card for discretion.


3. Please do not count money in front of me. Count the money before arrival please! It is distasteful to me to watch money being counted and this makes me highly uncomfortable.


4. Please do not attempt to negotiate as this is insulting and I will not negotiate.


5. Should you wish to extend our time together this should be taken care of before, during, or when our session ends. Be prepared and familiarize yourself with my rates as this often happens. I will accommodate you if my schedule permits.


6. If you wish to see me on a regular basis I am open to a monthly arrangement. Arrangements are reserved only for friends with whom there is a mutual level of comfort and can be discussed.


7. I will not talk about sexual acts in person, on the phone or via email.  


8. Treat me like a queen and you will be treated like a king – need I say more? I love a respectful gentleman!! I’m not a robot and you will get much more out of our date by treating me as you would like to be treated.


9. Because of my commitment to fitness, I don’t like to drink. I also frown upon ALL illegal drugs. If you are looking for a “party girl” look elsewhere as this is not my forte. If you are heavily intoxicated, or have drugs in your possession, you will promptly be asked to leave.  


10. I am disease free and immaculate with my personal hygiene and expect you to be as well.

11. Please do not offer to me to date you, to live with you, buy me dinner, drinks, go to the movies or just "hang out" with you without compensating me for my time. These offers are at best silly and may be taken as an outright insult. Realize that I may enjoy spending time with you but that doesn't change the fact that this is a business. You charge your clients for your time even if you adore them? You pay any professional such as a doctor, lawyer, therapist, without question on an hourly basis. The same holds true for me. I am a professional entertainer and fully expect to be paid for my time. If the time goes over, please be a gentleman and pay me the consideration that is due. Don't make me be the one to bring it up. 

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