If you have already been screened or if we have met, simply text or email me. There is no need to fill out the form. :-) 754-800-5815
Newbies - I will need you to fill out my form or you may email me your screening info. Questions - please email me.

The screening process requires that new friends  fill out my booking form.  If you find the form to be impersonal or invasive, it is fine to email  your information. Please be advised that your information is kept strictly confidential. When you get to the verification part of the form below - I-IV -  it is imperative that you fully complete at least ONE of sections. If you are 411, TER or TOB send a PM through the platform as well. You may be asked to complete additional sections or fill out all I-IV depending on the strength of your info. That being said, it is best be proactive and fill out as much of I-IV as you are comfortable with to avoid possible back and forth exchanges which will delay your booking. Mutual peace of mind is paramount to a blissful experience! Safety First!!