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Amber Austin

follow your bliss

I am a Midwest-raised All-American gal. I went to college in NYC where I earned my BA in Liberal Arts while also attending a respected acting conservatory. I also studied acting while living in LA and studied with some of the world's most renowned teachers. My career as a model/actress has  taken me all over the world. Cities I have lived in for 1 year+  include my hometown Chicago of course, Miami, New York, LA, Dusseldorf and Milan. Recently, I had the pleasure of calling Pittsburgh home but had to leave suddenly to seek treatment from a fall I suffered doing aerial acrobatics. This unfortunate incident lead me to Cleveland where I fell in love with the people, rolling terrain and amazing fresh air while recovering.* So I am now based in Cleveland pursuing my latest passion. Horseback riding!

This past year I have been rather hard to pin down. Fans...I know this elusive muse has been sought after and I appreciate the concern expressed by you when I was incommunicado. I also want to tell all my friends who wrote or called that I was not online at all when I was at the retreat and prior to that I was not allowed to look at a screen too long because it caused strain. And....due to a miscommunication with my former marketing person some of my ads stayed up when I left.... so all the inquiries and some very kind emails simply just sat in my inbox. So if you inquired in the past and have not heard from me - with sincere apology for the hiccup - please do so again. I am going backwards responding to emails now soon from newest to oldest. The same goes for text messages but I promise to get back to everyone to at least to say hello and thank you for thinking of me.


NOW FOR THE JUICY PART: So I got back maybe a month or so ago from a stupendous-fantastic journey. I went to Costa Rica for a yoga teacher event, and to work on my tan closer to the equator. What was going to be a 1 week event turned into 6 months!! 

The world of regular yoga and tantric yoga can have some of the same practitioners and teachers - but this blast from the past clearly was fate. My insatiable desire for Tantra was refueled with a blow torch all within seconds. It is hard to believe this came about by way of invitation to a global yoga summit for CEC's. As I bent over to do a downward facing dog I saw her down on the veranda with a mini-entourage, lots of suitcases and little Brussels Griffon. (clearly a different dog - it had been over 15 years!) The Goddess I was staring at in wonder  (no I did not hold that yoga pose) was my former tantra teacher and lover Raina.


***I am leaving some XXXXXX....XXX!!!! .... out here on my public site, but you can read more by subscribing. :-) FAST FORWARD: After a night of unbridled passion, we both decided I should continue my teacher training studies. And I was quite the willing pupil as Raina took me to the edge again and again with an artful precision that flowed naturally out of both of us. The word geyser comes to mind. And let's just say I was gushing in a way I never have before. Across the room kind of gushing. After that night days turned into weeks, weeks into months. It was a non-stop debauchery marathon of "eat, sleep, make love - REPEAT I went back to Raina's retreat in Costa Rica. I then honed my skills taking Raina and others at the center who wanted me to be their ambassador to that magical realm reached only through this ancient art of seduction. I am proud to say I am now a Master Tantrika. I cannot wait to show you what I can do and where I can take you. 

This website is brand new with many new photos and will continue to evolve with a soon to be up blog. In my blog you will find daily posts of my whereabouts and availability along with musings and pics I may feel inclined to snap and share on a whim. Stay tuned for that by signing up for my newsletter so I can notify you when its up.

Another area of interest you will see more of here is video. I know I have promised before that you will see more content on my fan sites but this time it is a certainty! I have a videographer now and we have been collaborating to make some sexy mini-productions. And of course there will be content made by me in selfie-style. So this section will be open to members. To become a member you may subscribe for free to tier one for access to many more pics and videos. Tier two access will gain you access to explicit content. This part of the site is being built now - stay tuned and sign up now for the newsletter and you will get access when this area is up as well.

I will be touring extensively in the foreseeable future and will also limit my availability in my home city. You will see I no longer offer home city rates and have raised my outcall rates along with some others. On the upside for you, I now offer fetish and tantra as an additional service. In all honesty, my rate change was long overdue. Being that I am rather exclusive and thereby low volume I was not able to accommodate all requests for my company. While flattering, I am not the gal for everyone and cannot see everyone either due to time constraints and/or personal preference. In order to be able to continue to offer the level of service I pride myself on - to all qualified gents and couples - who wish to meet me this is the solution.



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