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WHERE HAVE I BEEN?.....I am BACK and doing phenomenal after recovering for almost 2 months and being totally disconnected from technology. For those of you who don't know, I suffered a concussion after falling 15 feet doing an Aerial Silks performance. I didn't break any bones but I jarred my head and also banged it pretty hard which left me with severe double vision. At first the prognosis was that it could take up to a year to regain my correct vision. To  make matters worse double vision cannot be treated with eyeglasses.  


But there is a happy ending....


I did all I could to expedite healing, following my doctor's orders to avoid bright light, computers, texting, TV and even using the phone. Of course driving was also out of the question. So I hunkered down and religiously did my eye exercises twice a day and listened to a great many audio-books!  Slowly my vision began to return to normal and my weekly check-ups were promising. Then finally, last week I was cleared to resume all normal activity including driving. I returned home last weekend and I am just getting caught up now. I will be available on a limited basis as I get myself situated and back into the swing of things.